What is a Commercial Truck?

February 2020
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A commercial truck does not mean one specific kind of truck, it actually refers to any truck that is used for commercial purposes. A truck that is used by businesses regularly for their work, or any vehicle that is used to carry commercial goods, or for helping to provide commercial services, is known as a commercial truck.



How are Commercial Truck Classifications Determined?

Commercial trucks are classified by the GVWR of the vehicle. The GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is a safety standard that’s designed to maintain a safe operating weight of a vehicle. This weight rating includes the net weight of the vehicle itself, drivers, passengers, fuel and cargo. Vehicle manufacturers determine the GVWR by including components such as axles, frame, suspension, tires and more.

Here are the 3 commercial truck size classifications determine by GVWR:

GVWR for Commercial Trucks

Heavy Duty Commercial Truck – Class 7 and Class 8: GVWR 26,001-33,001lbs

  • Drivers of vehicles in these classes are required to have a Class B commercial driving license (CDL) to operate the vehicle.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial trucks go by many names: semis, semitrailers, semi-tractor trailers, tractor trailer, eighteen wheeler, rigs, big rigs, etc, but the common denominator is a GVWR greater than 26,000lbs. Buses are also part of class 8 vehicles.
  • As the name implies, heavy duty trucks haul heavy loads. Some travel low miles, think dump trucks, and others run coast to coast on a weekly basis.
  • Mack Trucks
    • Mack Anthem
    • Mack Pinnacletips-for-buying-used-commercial-trucks
    • Mack Granite
    • Mack Granite MHD
    • Mack LR Mack Terra Pro
  • Volvo Trucks
    • Volvo VNL Series – Long Haul
    • Volvo VNR Series – Regional Haul
    • Volvo VNX Series – Heavy Haul
    • Volvo VHD Series – Vocational
    • Volvo VAH Series – Auto Hauler
  • Hino Trucks
    • Hino XL Series – “Baby 8”

Medium Duty Commercial Truck – Class 3 – Class 6: GVWR 10,001-26,000lbs

  • Drivers of vehicles in these classes are NOT required to have a Class B commercial driving license (CDL) to operate the vehicle.
  • Medium Duty Commercial trucks tend to be classified based on what body the truck is equipped with, which determines what type of hauling the truck is best for: box truck, reefer truck, stake body truck, dump truck, landscape truck, straight truck, etc, but the common denominator is a GVWR of 10,001-26,000.
  • Medium duty trucks tend to run locally and regionally vs. long haul as the cargo is frequently being delivered to the end user vs. a distribution point. This is sometimes referred to as “last mile” deliveries.  This area of freight hauling has increased in recent years due to the increase in ecommerce purchases which has increased the number of home/residential deliveries of freight.
  • Mack Medium Duty Trucks
    • Mack MD6
    • Mack MD6 Low Profile
    • Mack MD7
  • Hino Trucks
    • medium duty commercial truckHino 155 Series
    • Hino 195 Series
    • Hino 238 Series
    • Hino 338 Series
    • Hino 268 Series
  • Isuzu Trucks
    • Isuzu NPR Series
    • Isuzu NPR HD Series
    • Isuzu NQR Series
    • Isuzu NPR XD Series
    • Isuzu FTR Series

Light Duty Commercial Truck – Class 1- Class 2: GVWR Less than 10,000 lbs

  • Drivers of vehicles in these classes are NOT required to have a Class B commercial driving license (CDL) to operate the vehicle.
  • Light duty trucks are frequently referred to as pick-up trucks, cargo vans or transit vans.
  • Bergey’s offers Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Ram light and medium duty trucks.
  • Light Truck Inventory

Light duty commercial truck

What are the different types of commercial trucks?

There are a variety of commercial truck types that are on the road, each built with a specific purpose. Depending on the unique needs of each business, the type of commercial truck they operate can differ. The most common commercial trucks and their uses include:

  1. Tractor-Trailer– Perhaps the most common type of truck, they are often called Semi’s, Big Rigs or Eighteen Wheelers.  In general tractor-trailers are either a day cab (single or tandem axle) or a sleeper truck (tandem axle).
  2. Dump Truck – Dump trucks are identified by the dump body that is upfit to a cab chassis.  They are typically found on or near construction sites, travelling local based on the construction job needs.  In general they are not used for long haul applications.  View our Dump Trucks.
  3. Heavy Hauler – These super-heavy commercial trucks are designed to transport heavy loads. Drivers often require special permits to operate these vehicles.
  4. Flatbed – As the name implies, a flatbed truck offers a flat bed with no sides or roofs.  They  are frequently used to transport building materials such as lumber, concrete, steel beams, etc. Since the body has no sides, cargo can easily be loaded and unloaded from the sides which requires less strategic loading if multiple stops are needed.
  5. Tanker – Tanker trucks are designed to carry liquefied loads or gases.  The trucks are upfit with a tank on the back in place of a trailer. Tanker trucks are frequently used by fuel companies.
  6. Refrigerator Truck/Reefer Truck – Reefer trucks offer a temperature controlled cargo area, allowing companies to transport temperature sensitive products. View our Reefer Trucks. 
  7. Garbage Truck – Homes and businesses need trash removal services and garage trucks are specifically designed to get the job done faster.
  8. Box Trucks/Box Vans/Straight Trucks – chassis cab trucks upfitted with a cargo box for hauling dry goods, that is separate from the cab area.  Commonly used for local transport and “Last Mile” deliveries.
  9. Auto Haulers – Auto Hauler trucks are specifically designed to haul car carrying trailers. View our Auto Haulers.
  10. Landscape Truck – Landscape trucks are specially designed to help landscapers easily transport their supplies and equipment from job to job.
  11. Roll-Off – Roll-off trucks are upfitted to haul and drop/pick-up roll-off containers that are equipped with wheels.  These trucks are utilized by the waste, construction, and demolition industries.
  12. Service Utility – These types of trucks are upfit with custom bodies to make it easier to deliver a service to off-site locations.  These types of trucks are popular with electricians, plumbers, repair vendors, etc. as the truck body compartments allow convenient storage and accessibility of tools and supplies.

Isuzu service and utility truck

Find the Right Commercial Truck at Bergey’s Truck Centers

At Bergey’s Truck Centers, we have a large inventory of commercial trucks that can help you get the job done. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend the right truck and equipment for your application, including the installation of bodies and add-ons. Since 1924, we’ve focused our business on doing all we can to keep customers on the road so they can grow their businesses.

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Mack Anthem tandem axle daycab