Top 4 Tips For Buying Used Commercial Trucks

December 2016

When you make a decision to buy a previously owned commercial vehicle it is important that you pick a brand that stands for quality and durability. Mack and Volvo are the perfect brands of truck for those who are looking for a low price on a great truck. The following are a few tips on buying a used commercial truck that will help you find the best deal.

Tip 1: Turn to the Internet

Many of the commercial truck transactions that take place these days occur online. The internet allows you to look beyond your local area and broaden your search for good deals on Mack and Volvo trucks. This is a great way to make sure that you get the lowest price possible on your new heavy duty truck or semi-tractor trailer. Also, the entire shopping process is much easier because you can quickly compare options when shopping used commercial truck prices. The only thing that you need to plan for is how far away the seller is from you because you will need to be able to test the truck for yourself and have a mechanic you trust inspect it.

Tip 2: Get Financing Approval

With a general idea of the commercial truck market, you are ready to speak to someone who specializes in lending to truck drivers and shipping companies. Waiting until the end of the process to ensure that you have financing is a recipe for disaster. The sooner you start looking for competitive bids on interest rates and learn how much you qualify for the better. By speaking with a lender, you might be surprised by how much they will lend you, as well as how low current interest rates are. On the other hand, it might give you a warning if there are any inconsistencies on your credit report, so that you have time to have them corrected. Questions? Contact Bergey’s today for information on our financing services.

Tip 3: Review Your Insurance Policy

Speak to an insurance broker about your policy and get new quotes from competing insurance agencies. They will be able to explain whether a new truck will affect your insurance costs. Your new vehicle might qualify you for a lower premium. Additionally, a proven driving record is a great reason to ask for a break in your insurance costs. Any reduction in premium frees up money that can be invested in your new semi or heavy duty truck.

Tip 4: Take the Truck for a Spin

Even though the internet is a great place to shop, you will still need to take the truck for a test drive of your own. Additionally, you should visit a mechanic who can tell you if there are any obvious issues with the vehicle that could cause trouble down the road. Meeting the seller in person will also allow you to gauge how badly they need to sell the truck, and can help in your final negotiation.

These are just a few buying tips for pre-owned trucks that you can use to do your research and find the best deals on trucks. Your semi or heavy duty truck is an investment in your business, which is why it is important to make a smart decision and save money on your purchase.

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