Keeping Customers on the Road = Uptime

February 2021

Keeping Customers on the Road = Uptime

At Bergey’s Truck Centers, we are committed to keeping the growth of your business truckin’ right along by maximizing uptime. After all, uptime translates to profits and profits are key to viability. This idea is what helped us create our brand promise of “Keeping Customers on the Road”….it’s all about uptime!

We talk regularly about our commercial truck capabilities and how many of our offerings drive Uptime – extensive parts inventory, industry-leading team of technicians, leasing plans, etc., (learn more about our capabilities) We wanted to take a deeper dive into some of the intangible ways we deliver uptime, so we asked some of our team members their thoughts on the subject.

Customer Care

Since our modest beginnings in 1924, we’ve always been guided by one simple principle: We treat you like we want to be treated, this held true for the first generation of owners, and it still holds true for the fourth generation today. Your business’ success – your business’ uptime - is paramount in all our dealings. Our close relationships with our customers allow us to understand their goals fully.

Mark Stathopoulos

Service Manager

Taking the time to build relationships with our customers is crucial to delivering great customer service.  The more we understand a customer’s business, the better decisions our team can make to serve them well, increase their uptime, and be a valued partner to their operations.”

The Right Truck For The Job

Our Truck Sales and Leasing & Rental teams have decades of experience helping customers build custom spec’d trucks to fit their business needs – all truck specs are not created equal.  The right truck spec can minimize the total cost of ownership, as well as improve uptime for the life of the truck.

Contact our team to talk about your truck spec needs:  

Process Makes Perfect

Our Service Uptime Process is a great example of how we are working to change the way we do business to improve customer’s uptime.  This new process helps us to efficiently check-in and assess your truck and decrease the average time it takes to get your truck back on the road.

Learn more about our Uptime Process

Burnin’ the Midnight Oil

Trucking is an industry that never stops, so we work to have 24-hour services available to keep you on the road.

24 Hour Service – Our Souderton truck center service department is open 24 hours Monday-Friday and midnight to noon on Saturdays.

Schedule your service appointments online

24 Hour Towing – Our commercial towing services operate round the clock

PartsASIST – 24/7 our online parts store is open for business to make parts ordering convenient and fast. Order the part overnight, and our parts delivery team will have in-stock parts to you the next day.

Learn more about PartsASIST

Tech-Savvy Solutions

Our energetic team not only embraces technology, we actively seek ways to leverage different technologies to create improved solutions for our customers. The commercial trucks of today and tomorrow are increasingly tech-savvy. These new tools can increase efficiency and uptime for our customers’ fleet performance. We work to stay ahead of these trends so we can be a trusted resource to our customers.

Learn more about our web-based service management platform ASIST

Technology in trucking is growing every second; it is the present and it is the future of this industry.  At Bergey’s Truck Centers, we know that keeping up with advancements in technology is the key to keeping customers on the road.™

Training Day

Drop and give me 50!  No, not that kind of training, but same idea.  We are committed to training, so we are ready for “race day.”  Every department is involved in ongoing training to hone our skills and keep us in shape so we can serve our customers better.  Our goal is to be your first choice for all your commercial truck needs, so we are continually working to earn your trust with great service and industry-leading capabilities.  Here are just a few examples of training our team participates in to earn your trust:

  • Mack, Volvo, Hino, Isuzu, Ford and Strick product training
  • Technician Training – 43% of our technicians are Certified master techs!
  • Monthly Aftermarket Parts Training
  • Regional Service Uptime Events
  • Trucks Customer Portal and Customer Technician Training
  • Customer Satisfaction Training

Bergey’s emphasis on training has helped me to advance my skills as a technician, allowing me to serve my team and my customers better, while advancing my career.

Talk To Us!

For nearly a century, Bergey’s Truck Centers have thrived because of our respect for the customers we serve.One of our five core values is “Be committed to continuous improvement” because we know there is always room for improvement, which is why customer feedback is so valuable to us.

Give Us A Call!

We’d love to hear how we can better serve you.

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