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Finding the right commercial truck is one thing. Financing it is another. Other commercial truck dealer groups in the metro Philadelphia area may have the trucks, but few have the wide range of flexible financing options that Bergey’s Truck Centers can offer you. We give you access to some of the very best transportation financing lenders in the USA. Specialized in the financing or leasing of commercial trucks, trailers and other related equipment, our lending network is knowledgeable about the industry and understands the need for clear, affordable financing.

The Bergey’s Truck Center’s EDGE is the strength and experience that comes with over 90 years in business. We eat, sleep and breathe commercial trucks, and maintain a close relationship with our customers. This helps us understand and anticipate your needs in terms of financing. We also maintain excellent, professional relationships with the top lending institutions so that we can work with you to get the best possible deal.

In this industry, flexibility is key. You want the right equipment for the job, be it a truck, trailer or other vehicle. The same goes for financial tools. Long gone are the days where your only options were ‘buy’ or ‘rent’.

Bergey’s Truck Centers can offer you many flexible financing options and benefits, including:

  • Loans/Leases - Term Loans, TRAC Leases, & FMV Leases Available
  • Lines of Credit
  • Competitive Rates/Terms
  • App Only (up to $1 mil)
  • Quick/Easy Credit Process
  • No Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Limited or No PG’s required
  • No “Blanket” UCC Filings
  • Manufacturer Finance Programs

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Finance Your Commercial Truck With Bergey’s Truck Centers

You might already have heard us say that we’re "Keeping Customers on the Road™" here at Bergey’s Truck Centers. With our commercial truck financing, we’re also helping you get on the road in the first place! We see commercial and heavy duty trucks the same way you do — as key tools to help you run your business and satisfy your customers. Whether you own them outright or lease them, they require a significant commitment of your capital and cash flow.

Spending more than you need to on uncompetitive rates or the wrong financing solution hits your bottom line directly, and can stop future growth. Don’t get stuck accepting the first financing option presented to you. If you’re told a certain financing option is your only option, walk away. Your business is your business. And you need to be presented with multiple options and flexible financing tools that work for you, not just for the lender or commercial truck company.

If you’re in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland, you can drop by one of our 10 locations — including the metro Philadelphia area. We encourage you to contact our expert financing team here at Bergey’s Truck Centers today. We’ll start by sitting down and discussing your commercial truck requirements with you. Once you’ve chosen the right vehicle, we’ll assist you every step of the way to find the perfect financing solution, and make sure that your truck is working hard to earn you money. You’ll quickly see that Bergey’s Truck Centers is “driven to serve”!

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