Remote Diagnostics – Real diagnostics. Real people. Real time.

June 2015

Introducing Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics.
Uptime Management. Downtime Protection.

Volvo Trucks Support Services is an integrated business solution that enables you to help your customers do what they do best: deliver freight. With Volvo Trucks Support Services, your customers are connected to high-performance, customized services – streamlined communications, around-the-clock availability of electronic parts purchasing, a wide array of preventive maintenance programs – all delivered in a simplified bundle of Fleet Services, Parts Purchasing and Service Management.

Now we’ve added a fourth component to our support services bundle: Connected Vehicle Services – with Remote Diagnostics. It’s Volvo Trucks’ seamless, dynamically connected system of vehicle management tools – driver to vehicle; vehicle to OEM; OEM to decision-maker; decision-maker to dealer; dealer to driver – all working together to keep your customer’s trucks on the road and their bottom line in the black.

Real diagnostics. Real people. Real time.

Remote Diagnostics provides:

  • Proactive diagnostic and repair planning assistance with detailed analysis of critical fault codes.
  • Streamlined service procedures with parts on-hand confirmation before a truck arrives for service.
  • Live Dealer and Customer communication thru Volvo Action Service.
  • Service case communication and documentation between Volvo Action Service, Dealer and Customer provided thru ASIST.

For Remote Diagnostics support, call 1-800 52 VOLVO (8005286586) or email

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