Remember the Past… Bergey’s since 1924

June 2014

90year1924 was the year of the Ford Model T Touring, the first Presidential radio broadcast from the White House and the beginning of Bergey’s legacy in the transportation industry.

In May of 1924, Norman L. Bergey opened Franconia Garage in Franconia, PA. Converted from a horse-shoeing shop, the 2-car auto repair garage gainfully employed 3 mechanics. Because of Norman’s businessman’s savvy and gentleman’s code, Franconia Garage thrived, even during the Great Depression. Understanding the importance of family, Norman’s sons became part owners of the business in 1956 and renamed the shop Bergey’s Garage.

Throughout its 90-year history, Bergey’s has remained a family-owned business. Although it has expanded with new products, services, locations and state-of-the-art technology, Bergey’s foundations have and always will be at the core of the company.

Norman’s drive for quality customer service, commitment to excellence and promise to always treat customers the way that he wanted to be treated are instilled in the very marrow of Bergey’s.