Know your Cost Per Mile

November 2015

Do you know your cost per mile for truck maintenance and repair? It’s a key metric for your business, but frequently overlooked or miscalculated.

Depending on the operation, the full service leasing industry has been charging 6.5 cents/mile – 9.0 cents/mile for maintenance for years. Customers mistakenly believe they can use this rate to calculate the cost to maintain their own trucks. However they forget to take into account the expertise and economy of scale full service leasing brings to the table.

We believe it is necessary to understand your actual maintenance and repair costs to allow you to determine the best decisions for your business. Accurate financial analysis provides you with the information you need to support your business goals.

Here are two good sources of information on this topic:

Ernst and Young report.

  • Includes all truck users.

Six Year Study by the American Truck Research Institute (ATRI).

  • Includes only for hire carriers, a good percentage of which own their own maintenance facilities.

In addition, don’t forget to calculate the costs of complying with the reports required by various federal and state agencies. Keeping accurate log books, fuel tax reporting, IFTA apportioned miles, pre and post trip reports, etc., can be very time consuming and costly.

Overwhelming? We understand. We believe this analysis is so critical to your trucking success that our team of industry experts will deliver this analysis for free. All you need to do is provide our team with some information about your fleet and we will deliver your financial analysis, with options and recommendations.

Keep in mind, we are a full service truck solutions company (new & pre-owned trucks, multiple lease options, maintenance plans, service, parts, tires, fuel, etc.), which allows us to focus on your business needs, without limiting the solutions we can offer.