How our Commitment to Uptime is Keeping Customers on the Road™

February 2021
Uptime Service


As the company known for Keeping Customers on the Road™ since 1924, Bergey’s Truck Centers offers Uptime Certified Heavy Duty Truck Repairs to meet your needs for speedy service. In order to become Uptime Certified, we’ve made the commitment to update and improve our service facilities, standards, processes and capabilities to help reduce or eliminate costly downtime and loss of productivity. which means it’s like an express lane for trucks experiencing minor to severe issues where you find faster assessments and service, more transparent explanations and seamless communication.

Mark Brown


"Being a Certified Uptime Center is a team effort. Technician training, improved shop layout, and updated parts and communications processes all play a critical role in Keeping Customers on the Road."

Mark Brown Director of Service

A Quicker and Easier Service Option:

Uptime certification benefits busy truck drivers experiencing problems while on the road by providing a path to a quicker and easier service option. For instance, an error code suddenly appearing on your dashboard is one of the last things you want to see when you’re working on tight deadlines and have a full schedule of pickups and deliveries planned. Bergey’s Truck Centers Uptime Certified locations provide a place to go to immediately to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it without having to schedule an appointment or wait for quotes and services.

How it Works:

Pulling into a service location that’s Uptime Certified is like accessing an express lane for commercial trucks capable of dealing with a full range of unexpected repair problems in a matter of hours instead of days. That means it not only saves time, but also eliminates the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll need to make adjustments to your schedule or require a temporary or permanent equipment replacement to meet your obligations.

Let's take a look at the steps for the Certified Uptime Process:

  • 1 - CHECK IN: When you arrive, your service advisor will perform a walk-around and access your vehicle's data. Communication begins here and continues until your truck is back in service. 
  • 2 - INITIAL DIAGNOSTICS: Initial diagnostics are completed within two hours of your arrival. This enables you to start making decisions for trucks, drivers and loads earlier in the repair process. 
  • 3 - UPTIME BAY:If initial diagnostics indicate a quick repair—repair orders less than four hours of labor—your vehicle remains in the Uptime Bay for service. Your service advisor will keep you in the loop on the status of your repair. With the option of using Mack/Volvo ASIST direct messaging, you will receive status alerts throughout the entire service process. We'll also count on you for timely approvals along the way. 
  • 4 - ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS: Vehicles that require more than 45 minutes of diagnostics make a transition to the Advanced Diagnostics area. This ensures that longer diagnostics do not back up the Uptime Bay. 
  • 5 - ADVANCED BAY: Vehicles with repairs requiring over four hours of labor move to the Advanced Bay. Short jobs are never delayed by long jobs. As soon as information is available, you'll be advised regarding anticipated repair time and costs. Mack/Volvo ASIST is utilized to manage the timeline and all communication.






When you arrive, your service advisor will perform a walk-around and access your vehicle's data. Communication begins here and continues until your truck is back in service.

Our Current Uptime Certified Locations:

A part of Keeping Customers on the Road™ at Bergey's Truck Centers is to ensure a consistent process at each of our Truck Center locations. Uptime Certification means that no matter which location you choose to service your truck, you can expect a consistent experience that expedites the repair and gets you back on the road.

Bergey's Truck Centers currently has 8 of our 10 locations Uptime Certified, with a plan to be 100% Uptime Certified in 2021. Uptime Certified truck repairs at Bergey's is just another way we are driven to serve our Customers.

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Uptime Service