How is 2016 looking for the Trucking Industry?

October 2015

How is 2016 looking for the trucking industry? According to Bill Graves, president of the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the outlook is positive.

During ATA’s Management Conference & Expo last month Bill Graves stated:

“Most motor carriers have had a pretty good year – not great – but pretty good for 2015, and 2016 is looking as good if not slightly better.”

Here are some highlights from Bill Graves annual report on the state of the industry:

  • He mentions a healthy economy and strong freight traffic as reasons for a stronger trucking industry.
  • He referenced ongoing efforts by ATA to negotiate with Congress and the House of Representatives, stating, “It just seems ironic that given all the turmoil that exists throughout the world, that the single biggest threat we may face is from our own government.”
  • He quoted a recent survey by the American Transportation Research Institute for the top 10 issues concerning truck operators:
  • Hours of service
  • Compliance, safety and accountability
  • Driver shortage
  • Driver retention
  • Truck parking


  • Electronic data recorders
  • Driver health and wellness
  • The economy
  • Highway infrastructure
  • Distracted driving



Bill Graves overall economic outlook for trucking:

“It still comes down to my basic calculus: More people equals more stuff. And while all our other freight modal partners will continue to play their supporting role in moving this economy — the star of the show has been, is and will be the truck,” Graves said. “Trucking Moves America Forward is not simply the name for our image campaign — it’s a fact. I am an unabashed supporter of this industry and see no scenario — no outcome on the horizon that is anything but great for this industry.”

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