Atro polyurethane parts feature a unique blend of polyurethane to meet or exceed OEM performance specifications. Realizing that truck torque rods were a quality problem because of their rubber bushings, George Sturmon founded ATRO in 1987 after he designed a way to replace rubber with his own blend of polyurethane to make torque rod bushings that last longer and perform better.

Located in St. Clair, MO, ATRO has grown to a team of over 100, and from a handful of products to more than 1,000. ATRO engineers custom design each product based on what purpose the part serves: load-bearing, dampening, transmission, shock absorption, or stabilization. 

Polyurethane makes the ATRO difference

Different parts do different work, while exposed to changes in stress, strain, and the environment. Other companies use just a single blend of polyurethane to make all of their heavy-duty truck parts. ATRO knows that it takes more to get the job done right.

chemically resistant

All ATRO components are made with polyurethane for improved performance. Polyurethane is impervious to Oil, Grease, Rock Salt, Cleaning Solvents, Hydraulic Fluids, and Diesel Fuels.

customized formulas

ATRO separates themselves from other manufacturers in that they use 11 different recipes of polyurethane in their products based on the application. This creates longer lasting parts for improved uptime.

stronger material

Polyurethane is 2-5 time stronger than conventional rubber with improved tensile, elongation and tear strength. ATRO products are engineered for the proper hardness based on the application.

Featured Products

Atro TR5941150

torque rods

Faster, simpler installation. Most ATRO Torque Rods feature free-rotation

bushings-- an outer metal sleeve with a rotating inner sleeve/pin. This free-rotation design made with ATRO's customer polyurethane blend eliminates the typical bushing windup and walkout that rubber bushings experience. 

Atro SK50340HW

bushing & suspension Kits

ATRO uses custom blends of polyurethanes to create world-class suspension parts that are specifically designed and engineered to be chemically resistant to contaminates such as road salt, grease oil, acidic cleaning solvents, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel. ATRO's OEM parts are designed to replace factory originals and improve or exceed original performance specifications.

Atro CR0067825

carrier bearings

With ATRO behind you, drive forward. Control costs, and keep your fleets running smoothly. ATRO carrier bearing assemblies are available in series 1710 and 1810 for all-makes and models of trucks and buses. Featuring ATRO's unique blend of polyurethane and a permanent sealed bearing, ATRO's carrier bearing assemblies meet or exceed original performance. 

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