Have you Considered a Career in Diesel Technology?

April 2019

Why Be A Diesel Technician?

Many young people today believe their only choice after high school is pursuing a college degree, often overlooking the benefits of learning a trade, including diesel technology.  While the college path is great from many, it’s not the right fit for everyone.

Over the years we have talked with many students as they have tried to find the right fit for their career and our best advice is to think about your skill sets, think about what you enjoy doing and consider what type of work would keep you motivated throughout your career.

If you enjoy fixing things and problem-solving, have a mechanical mindset, get excited by technology and you enjoy working with your hands vs. an office job, then the diesel technology field might be a good fit for you.   Current demand for diesel mechanics is high and it is expected to increase in the coming years due to baby boomers retiring and more trucks on the road.

In addition to rewarding work and growing demands, Bergey’s Truck Center technicians also benefit from job security, great income with monthly bonus potential, on-going training and advancement opportunities.  Bergey’s also offers a strong company culture based on Bergey’s 95 years as a family-owned and operated business that is committed to treating others the way they want to be treated.

Today’s Diesel Technicians

We know what you’re thinking: who wants to go home at night covered in grease and oil soaked coveralls? Trust us, that’s not the typical day of a diesel mechanic working on today’s high tech equipment.   It’s partly that grease monkey mentality that is responsible for creating a shortage of qualified Diesel Technicians in the industry.

Modern trucks are far more technical in design and manufacture. Heavy duty trucks have seven different computers on them now, seven different modules that control and monitor sensors and systems and they are continually “talking” to 3rd party systems digitally with telematics.  Computers and electrical expertise is a big part of today’s truck technician’s role.

Dave Schlosser, Vice President of Operations at Bergey’s says, “Every one of our technicians when they start don’t get a rag and hand cleaner. They get a laptop, access to multiple diagnostic tools and an email address. That’s the reality of the world we’re in today. I think most young people don’t understand that. They still have that old perception of what it is to be a mechanic or technician.”

What types of jobs are available for diesel technicians?

Diesel truck mechanics typically work in four main types of shops; independent truck repair shops (sometimes called Mom and Pop shops), company shops who manage their own fleet, leasing companies or dealerships.  Each of these shops offer different experiences, but if you enjoy seeing a variety of truck repairs, appreciate the challenge of working on the most complicated repairs and desire ongoing training to stay up to date with modern equipment, you belong at a dealership.  When other shops are unable to resolve the problem, they come to us because we are the experts in our field.

Our dealer service centers are able to handle the most complicated truck repairs for a few different reasons.  First, our diesel technicians are amongst the top trained in the industry due to our commitment to training and continuous improvement.  Second, we have extensive partnerships with our truck manufacturers and industry experts that offer support for complicated issues.  And finally, our shops are equipped with state of the art technology and an extensive parts inventory that equips our team to get the job done. Not only that, but we offer diesel mechanic advancement opportunities.

What makes Bergey’s Technicians Different?

Mark Brown, Service Director states, “Some of the Uptime Certified process that we do kind of catapults technicians’ learning curves faster and better than any classroom environment. What we do is put a couple of entry-level technicians in the Uptime Certified bay and they only have an hour to diagnose the failure and bring in the next truck.  They fix the trucks with small issues and they partner with our advanced technicians to address complicated repairs, offering built in on the job training every day.

There is a sense of accomplishment for these guys in the Uptime bays because they move many trucks through the shop each day, often resolving the issues and getting our customers back on the road in a matter of hours.  At the same time, their learning curve is propelled due to the range of cases they work on.

That is something unique that we do because we can see a lot of value in it. Younger techs don’t get bored just doing the same thing every day. It’s credible to get to touch many  pieces of equipment each day and it works well for everyone.”

Brown adds, “We have for the past several years been ahead of the curve in being very innovative in our uptime process with all of our locations and we have seen this have a positive impact on our younger technicians”. This is why the diesel mechanic job outlook with us is strong.

What type of trucks does Bergey’s work on?

Bergey’s Truck Centers sell and service Mack, Volvo, Hino, Isuzu and Fuso makes. Our shops are well equipped, having all of the special tooling for all of our lines of truck brands. In addition, we service all competing truck brands, with the exception of their warranty work.  Our shops have overhead lifts, wheel lifts, and all the necessary technology including computers, Wi-Fi access points and diagnostic equipment.

At Bergey’s, we believe There Are Definite Benefits to Launching Your Career With Us:

  • Well equipped shops
  • The latest technology
  • Online training
  • On the job training
  • Mentoring
  • Specialized knowledge
  • We promote from within before looking elsewhere
  • Multiple locations

What We’d Like You to Bring:

  • Willingness to learn
  • Strong work ethic
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Mechanical mindset
  • Passion for technology
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Communication

If you feel you have some or all of these qualities, we’d like to talk with you about a career with growth opportunities, the chance for advancement and job security as a Diesel Truck Technician.

Visit our Technician page to learn more about why to be a diesel technician:  https://www.bergeystruckcenters.com/technicians

Prefer the phone? Feel free to give us a call at 866-237-4393 and ask to speak with the service manager.