Deliver the Future

June 2014

Bergey’s understands that technology is changing and to be the best, Bergey’s has to change with it.”

Bergey’s already offers low emission alternative fuel options such as Natural Gas and will soon offer Volvo’s exclusive clean-burning DME trucks. The electronically-controlled Mack M Drive and Volvo I-Shirt Automated Transmissions are a rapidly growing part of the business; They are the perfect technological match, optimizing drive trains and maximizing fuel economy for customers.

Bergey’s MVSelect provides the convenience of ordering and managing parts needs online. And with ASIST, an advanced web-based service management platform, fleet managers and service providers can work together, in real time, to expedite repairs and maximize uptime. With On Board Diagnostics technology, customiiers can be comforted in knowing that ASIST will anticipate maintenance problems over the road before they occur. Working together is key to great service and to getting customers back on the road.

And that’s not all! Many of Bergey’s 24-hour on-call facilities will be receiving state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced upgrades to better serve customers and to get them back on the road faster. The future is here… and it’s being delivered by Bergey’s.