Customer Spotlight – Tri State Intermodal

August 2019
Customer Spotlight – TriState Intermodal

Customer Spotlight – Tri State Intermodal 

Customer Spot Light – TriState Intermodal

A company is only as strong as the clients it serves. With that credo at the forefront of every partnership we make, Bergey’s Truck Centers is proud to spotlight the relationships we’ve forged over the years. From the time-honored to the up-and-coming, the multi-level corporations to the mom and pop shops, Bergey’s Truck Centers treats each client with the individualized attention and care that has become our hallmark.

Spotlight on
Tri State Intermodal, Inc.

Family-owned and managed, Tri State Intermodal is a premier intermodal freight transport powerhouse in the Philadelphia market. Intermodal freight transport employs multiple modes (ship, truck, rail, etc.) to transfer goods from shipper to consignee, utilizing specialized containers that can be moved without any handling of the freight. Tri State Intermodal serves their customers with regional hauls from the port, up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida, and as far west as Illinois.

Mack Truck

A Booming Business

Customer Spot Light – TriState Intermodal

John DiDomenicis began his career in the trucking industry working for his father-in-law, Vincent D’Anella, owner of Robideau Express. This experience helped shape John into the entrepreneur he would become.

What began as a modest business venture grew to be the largest of its kind in Philadelphia. In 1984, John threw his hat into the intermodal freight business. He started as an owner operator with one B-model Mack with a 2-stick duplex transmission, running back and forth to the port, transporting freight containers.

Through hard work, know-how and a fierce dedication to top notch service, John grew his customer base. In fact, many of his early customers are still partnered with Tri State Intermodal today, including Hamburg-SUD.

As John acquired customers, he added additional trucks to his fleet. Today, Tri State Intermodal is the largest container trucking company in Philadelphia, operating a fleet of 75 trucks.

John’s family helps him run the business. His wife, son, two daughters, two son-in-laws and two brothers are actively involved in the day-to-day operations and success of this great American business story.

Competitive Advantage

John prefers to keep his hand firmly on the wheel of his business’ success. Since containers have to be transported from port within 3 days of arrival, Tri State Intermodal’s fleet must be reliable to maximize business uptime. While many intermodal companies prefer owner operators, John manages and owns his equipment and hires experienced and dedicated drivers. This ensures high control over customer service levels.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

For over 25 years, John ran used trucks because he didn’t think he could afford new equipment. When Bergey’s partnered with John in 2012 to create a strategic total cost of ownership plan, they were able to forge an acquisition blueprint to best suit his specific business needs.

“We worked with John to evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of his used truck fleet, including acquisition cost, operating cost, down time and driver retention. 

Customer Spot Light – TriState Intermodal

We put together a new truck acquisition plan that included warranty protections to mitigate operational expenses, Mack Uptime Services, and new vehicle creature comforts to attract new drivers,” says James Gavaghan, VP of Commercial Sales at Bergey’s Truck Centers. “When we looked at TCO vs. just truck acquisition costs, new truck acquisition became the practical solution for his business.”

Customer Spot Light – TriState Intermodal

In 2012, John added 10 new 2013 Mack CXU613 tractors to his fleet and hasn’t looked back since. “It was the best move I ever made,” says John, “Now, we have very few trucks on the road with issues. And when problems do arise, we contact Mack OneCall to help us address the issue.”

Today, when John purchases new trucks, he works with his Bergey’s team to get the payments in line with his needs, as well as the warranty that includes Engine Protection Plan, Exhaust After Treatment, and Towing. The Tri State Intermodal fleet welcomed several new trucks this year, including some 2020 Mack Anthems.

Bergey’s Truck Centers Team

Tri State Intermodal uses Bergey’s Truck Centers in Pennsauken to service their fleet with parts and service. “Steve Forde at Pennsauken always takes care of us and the Bergey’s parts team is on site at least once or twice a day,” says John.

Bergey’s Truck Centers Team

What is John’s favorite part of the business?

Getting new business, especially through referrals, means that my team served our customers well and is winning more business because of it! It is gratifying when customers recommend our company because it means we did our job well.”

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Customer Spotlight – TriState Intermodal