A Mack Engine Overhaul Delivers Peace of Mind

March 2021
Mack Engine Overhaul

Mack trucks work hard to earn their high mileage and years of service. But even legendary durability may need a reboot over time. If your engine is performing poorly, it's probably time for a Mack Overhaul.

Bergey's Truck Centers offers the most complete engine overhaul program in the industry.

A Mack Overhaul is all about Mack Genuine Parts, expert service and great value. When it's complete, you'll drive away in a revitalized vehicle that's been brought back to peak performance and efficiency. You'll be able to look forward to extra years of productivity, which means an even better return on your investment. Plus, you'll enjoy the protection and peace of mind that comes from an engine warranty that covers up to three years or 350,000 miles.

Four popular overhaul levels; one bottom line goal.

The Mack Overhaul program offers four different levels of overhaul service, which means there's a package to fit your specific budget, schedule and engine condition. As a certified Mack Dealer, we can help you choose your best option. All of the Mack Overhaul levels share a common goal: to restore your engine's power, reliability and operating efficiency. Every package is designed to help you save money, stay on schedule, and keep rolling with confidence. 

why choose bergey's truck centers for your engine overhaul?

To assure maximum value and quality, be sure that your Mack Overhaul is performed by Bergey's Truck Centers. There are good reasons for this, starting with this: Nobody knows how to revitalize a Mack engine better than the people who built it. 

Check out the other reasons by expanding the boxes below:


Bergey's Truck Centers can activate your standard or extended warranty which is covered by all Certified Mack Dealer service centers in North America. This is one of the biggest selling points for choosing us. Mack Overhaul warranties provide coverage for purchased as well as existing parts that pass inspection. But these warranties don't just protect your equipment. They also protect your uptime and your profits.         

quality parts

You'll be certain your overhaul package includes Mack Genuine Parts and engine updates. All Genuine and Remanufactured Mack Parts undergo a strenuous quality control process, backed by a nation-wide warranty. No one can ensure better quality than the OEM who designed the engine and made it's replacement parts.



Ready availability of kits and parts - plus the efficiency of our installation experts - ensures the fastest, most efficient turnaround, for minimal downtime. And, with four levels to choose from, the Mack Overhaul program at Bergey's Truck Centers let's you choose the best option based on your engine's needs.


OEM confidence

Mack 2020 North American Dealer of the Year

Mack designed and built your engine, which makes Bergey's Truck Centers the best choice to overhaul it. As the 2020 North American Dealer of the Year, we have worked closely with Mack Trucks since we received our first franchise in 2002. And, being a Volvo Group Dealer for over 30 years, we have the experience that comes with our OEM partnership.


skilled technicians

Training is a costly investment. But the price tag for sending technicians to training school far out-weighs the cost of an undereducated team member working on your vehicle. At Bergey's Truck Centers, we take pride in ensuring that all of our technicians receive the latest OEM training to live up to our promise of Keeping Customers on the Roadâ„¢. And with over 60 Master Technicians at our 10 convenient locations, you know that you can trust your truck to us.



Overhauls performed by Bergey's Truck Centers will help your truck meet emissions standards and deliver better fuel economy. That's good for the environment - and your bottom line.

how to know if it's time for an overhaul
Mack MP8

It used to be that a truck need and overhaul would come in with its engine knocking and smoke billowing. But engines built during the past decade are so advanced and emissions-friendly, those symptoms aren't always evident. Today, most overhauls are triggered by:

  • Catastrophic failure
  • Poor engine performance, including loss of power, poor fuel efficiency and excessive oil consumption

There's one more reason to schedule an overhaul:

You depend on your older Mack and know it's well worth the investment to make it run like new again. We see this a lot.

Whatever the reason for coming in, we can bring your Mack back to its former glory. If necessary, Bergey's Truck Centers will do an oil analysis and run some tests to be certain that your ready for a Mack Overhaul.

consider the risk of not scheduling an overhaul

When all signs point to an underperforming engine, there are only three options to consider:

OVERHAUL the existing engine.

REPLACE the engine with a REMACK engine.

RISK an engine failure that will be costly and inconvenient.

There's a lot at stake here for a working truck: schedule interruptions, driver and cargo safety, unplanned expense and costly downtime. It's best to be proactive by getting an overhaul sooner rather than risking a problem later. Keep in mind that a Mack Overhaul performed by Bergey's Truck Centers includes valuable warranty coverage. You've probably heard stories about the costly consequences of waiting too long to schedule an overhaul. We think it's good business to take proactive and preventative steps whenever you can.


Restore your engine's performance with one of our proven options.

At Bergey's Truck Centers, we offer four different overhaul packages designed to deliver maximum performance, productivity and peace of mind. Each option includes Mack Genuine Parts and a generous Mack warranty. Take a look at the options, then contact one of our service centers for help choosing the best one for your engine.

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A Mack Engine Overhaul Delivers Peace of Mind
Mack trucks work hard to earn their high mileage and years of service. But even legendary durability may need a[...]

Mack Engine Overhaul