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Full Service Truck Leasing

Companies that own trucks are turning to full service leasing, which offers hassle free fleet management. You focus on your business and we will manage your trucks!

Our full service leasing includes custom vehicle configuration,maintenance and repairs, 24/7 emergency road service, vehicle washing, administration, replacement trucks, discounted rental program and more. Our lease programs are customized based on your business needs, so select what works best for you.

Not sure leasing is a good option for you? No problem - we offer lease vs. own financial evaluiations to help you determine the best solution for your company.

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Why Bergey's Leasing?

Bergey’s is a dealer owned leasing company, which means our equipment is maintained by our own industry leading technicians, ensuring maximum uptime. We are a local, family owned company with big company capabilities - our fleet consists of over 800 commercial trucks. We operate a lean management team that results in quick decisions. We offer clear and concise communication to our customers, including simplified billing. We tailor our leasing packages to accommodate the business needs of our individual customers.

We help you find the Right Truck for Your Business

When you enlist Bergey’s as your full service truck leasing company, you'll get the proper vehicles for your operation. Whether you're running shipments intrastate or local deliveries, our experts at Bergey's Truck Centers will know exactly which type of truck is most efficient for a particular load or shipping route. In addition, we lease trucks with custom bodies specific for your application.

Our lease fleet includes box trucks, reefer trucks, flatbed trucks, single axle day cabs, tandem axle day cabs and tandem axle sleepers. Contact us if you are interested in a truck type we do not have listed.

Financial Benefits

With full service commercial truck leasing, you've got less capital tied up in your fleet, leaving more working capital for other areas of your business. In today's competitive business market, every extra dollar you can put back into your business is an advantage. We'll work with you to create a full-service commercial truck leasing plan that's tailored to your business' goals and needs.


  • Comprehensive maintenance program
  • Preventive maintenance –– scheduled inspections and follow-up repairs
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Extensive tire program including quality brands, repair and replacement
  • Skilled, factory-trained, ASE certified technicians
  • Authorized engine service
  • Comprehensive parts inventory
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) in compliance with DOT
  • On-site road service
  • Towing via company-owned vehicles
  • 24/7 emergency road service throughout North America

Our full-service leasing agreements include practical maintenance points that give your drivers confidence when out on the road. The goal with our full service commercial truck leasing program is to take care of your trucks so you can focus on your core business and rely on our team to take care of your fleet, including maintenance and breakdowns.

Replacement trucks when leasing with Bergey's Truck Centers

Value-Added Services

  • Replacement vehicles and discounted rental program
  • Licensing and permitting
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Management reports
  • Fuel purchasing and fuel tax reporting
  • Safety services and driver certification and testing
  • Bergey’s Truck Collision Center

Cost Benefits of Full Service Leasing

With a private fleet, the managerial costs can be crippling. With a full maintenance commercial truck lease from Bergey's Truck Centers, the costs of management can be significantly reduced in numerous ways.

  • Reduce basic costs through efficient management.
    Full Service commercial leasing companies like Bergey's specialize in fleet operations and optimization. Our knowledge allows us to operate fleets more efficiently and cost effectively. Furthermore, we constantly invest in the latest, state-of-the-art technology to keep vehicles operating in peak condition.

  • Eliminate hidden costs by partnering with a truck expert.
    With a privately operated fleet, numerous expenses can pile on that aren't anticipated when entering the trucking business, whether that be facing new regulations and licensing fees as laws are rewritten on a state and federal level or daily operation costs. Bergey's full service leasing program can spare your business from these problems with it's customized, comprehensive leasing solutions that take into account common hidden costs.

  • Keep costs predictable & residual risks low.
    When your fleet is purchased under a full service lease, budgeting is easier to manage and ultimately control because costs are more predictable and residual risks are decreased. For example, if maintenance is included in your full service lease contract, breakdown repair expenses do not result in additional fees, which can negatively impact your monthly budgets. Much of the capital that might otherwise be consumed by fleet management can instead be invested in other areas of your business.

  • Reduce fuel costs by finding the right truck for your job.
    Cost of fuel is a key issue for fleet management. Small improvements in a truck's fuel efficiency can result in lower fuel costs and improved profits for a company, which is why running the right truck for your business is crucial to your fleet's success. Bergey's Truck Centers can provide insight and expertise to spec a truck that offers optimal fuel efficiency and is well suited for your business needs.

  • Prevent costly vehicle trouble with proactive maintenance.
    The best way to avoid costly mishaps and engine failure is with proactive maintenance which help prevent such problems from happening in the first place. With a full maintenance commercial truck lease from Bergey's, each truck is checked on a regular basis for signs of trouble. This way problems can be detected early before they spread to nearby parts of a vehicle.

  • Optimize your investment by forecasting your asset life cycle.
    Proactive asset life cycle management is key to forecasting and budgeting for costs and maintenance associated with a fleet investment. Applications, specs and industry trends are just a few of the many factors that can help predict the life cycle costs of a fleet operation.
The truck experts at Bergey's know how to evaluate the needs of each shipping operation and will suggest the right kinds of trucks for any list of requirements.

Increase your Fleet Uptime with Full Service Leasing

When you lease with Bergey’s, we are responsible for your truck’s uptime, allowing your team to focus on other aspects of your business. We cover your maintenance, repairs, tire service, replacement vehicles and administrative tasks – freeing up your team to focus on your core business. You manage your business – we’ll manage your trucks.

When your lease truck breaks down, our team handles necessary towing, repair and replacement vehicles, helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible to keep your business on track. If you are traveling in an area beyond our truck center locations, we partner with National Lease to take care of you anywhere in North America 24/7.

On top of that, our technicians have years of experience at handling all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair. Our technicians also receive hours of training on an ongoing, annual basis to ensure they are educated on the latest technology. Not only does this keep our technicians honed in their skills, but it also ensures they stay fully adept to advances in vehicle technology and maintenance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Difference Between Full Service Leasing and Other Leasing Plans?

With full service commercial truck leasing, you lease instead of own the trucks in your fleet. Therefore, you can focus on running your business, while we handle the legal, managerial and maintenance aspects of your fleet. With full service leasing from Bergey's, operations become more efficient, dependable and easier to manage. You provide the driver, fuel and insurance - we'll handle the rest!

What is included in a Full Service Lease?

Since our lease programs are customizable for each customer, you decide what is included in your lease. We will include a comprehensive maintenance program (including preventative maintenance), extensive tire program, government compliance standards, 24/7 emergency road service throughout North America, replacement vehicles, washing and cleaning, etc. Our team will work with you to understand what services fit your business to create a custom plan that works for you.

What types of commercial trucks do you lease?

At Bergey’s, we provide full service leasing for light, medium and heavy duty commercial trucks. We offer Isuzu, Hino, Fuso, Volvo and Mack trucks. Our fleet includes a variety of truck types, including trucks with custom bodies built for company’s unique needs.

Do you lease trailers?

Yes. At Bergey’s, we offer trailer leases, including dry and refrigerated trailers.

Do you outsource truck maintenance at any time?

Our Bergey’s leasing trucks are serviced at our Bergey’s Truck Center locations. If we need additional support, we work directly with the truck OEMs to resolve the issue.

How is Bergey's different than other commercial truck lease providers?

We are a local, family owned leasing company with big company capabilities. We operate a lean management team that results in quick decisions. We offer clear and concise communication to our customers, including simplified billing.

In a full service lease, who owns the truck asset?

In a full service lease, Bergey’s is the owner of the truck asset. Bergey’s assumes all fleet assets and residual risk during the term of your lease.

Do full service leases require a down payment?

With a Bergey’s full service truck lease, no down payment is required.

What happens if my leased truck breaks down?

If your full service lease truck breaks down, our Bergey’s team will work to resolve the issue, including towing, repair and replacement vehicles if those services are included in your lease terms.

Do Full Service Leases include replacement vehicles?

Yes. Our full service lease agreements can include replacement vehicles if desired by the customer.

What administrative services does Bergey’s handle on FSL?

Bergey’s Leasing Associates handle the trucks government compliance standards. This include Vehicle Condition Report and Compliance, safety and accountability reports.

How do I decide if ownership or lease is a better fit for my business?

Our leasing and new truck sales teams will work with you to help determine the best fit for your business goals. Since we are a full service dealer, we have the ability to offer you both ownership or full service lease options.

Do you lease trucks that are used for national haul? If so, how do you service them beyond your region?

Yes. At Bergey’s, we offer full service lease for national haul customers. We are a National Lease partner, which allows us to provide 24/7 coverage to our customers throughout North America via the NationaLease dealer network. We are also members of the North American Truck Leasing Group, which consists of all Mack and Volvo truck dealers across the country.

Are your full service leasing bills easy to understand?

Yes. We work hard to deliver clear and concise bills that are easy for our customers to understand. And if you ever have any questions, our customers have direct access to our Bergey’s leasing team.

Are my monthly payments the same each month?

Yes. Monthly lease payment is the same every month for the term of the lease. This allows companies to budget more accurately. Customers will also receive a monthly charge for their mileage, which is variable based on usage.

Are there tax advantages to full services leases?

Yes. Full service truck leasing has the potential to deliver tax advantages as the payments may be 100% deductible – consult a tax professional to learn if your payments would be deductible.

Should I rent or lease my commercial truck?

It depends, they can serve different goals. Commercial truck leases are ideal for companies who are planning for long term truck assets. Commercial truck rental is a good fit if a company has a short-term need, wants to test drive different trucks or is uncertain of how long they will need the truck for their business.

What happens at the end of my truck lease?

At the end of your full service commercial truck lease, the truck is returned to Bergey’s. Bergey’s is then responsible for disposal of the truck.

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