Volvo Truck Leasing Services

Volvo Truck Leasing Services

More than ever, businesses are turning to leasing as their preferred commercial truck fleet solution. For businesses seeking a flexible and cost-effective Volvo truck leasing program, Bergey’s Truck Centers offers a combination of financial, maintenance and organizational benefits not found in other leasing arrangements.

Whether you’re looking for a semi truck full maintenance lease or tractor trailers, you won’t find a better leasing partner than Bergey’s Truck Centers.

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The Benefits of Volvo Semi Truck Leasing

By choosing Bergey’s as your leasing partner, you’ll gain access to an unprecedented number of benefits for your firm — and not just financially. To make your life easier, we offer simplified billing and an agile process designed to cater to your organization’s needs. Additionally, we’ll help your business reap the rewards that come from full-service leasing, including a wide array of value-added services.

Financial Benefits of Leasing Your Volvo Commercial Truck or Fleet

Volvo commercial truck leasing has never been easier or more affordable. Here are a few of the most important financial benefits you’ll receive when you choose us as your leasing partner:

  • Zero Percent Down Payment
  • Tax-Deductible Payments
  • Improved Cash Flow and Risk Coverage

Comprehensive Maintenance Coverage

In addition to its unparalleled financial benefits, our leasing program includes a comprehensive Volvo truck service program that bundles preventive maintenance with a stellar commercial truck tire program and 24/7 roadside assistance services throughout the North American continent.

Additional Resources for Businesses Leasing Volvo Trucks

Our Volvo leasing program also includes a number of value-added services, such as replacement vehicles, discounted rentals, washing services, management reports, fuel reports and driver certification testing. We’re accountable to your organization, and we’re committed to providing outstanding service for all of our valued clients — the same dedication we’ve had since 1924.

To learn more about our Volvo truck leasing service, contact us online or over the phone at 866-237-4393 today!