Isuzu NPR HD Truck for Sale

    Isuzu NPR for Sale in PA

    Are you in search of an Isuzu cab-over box truck for sale in PA? Look no further than Bergey's Truck Center for the Isuzu NPR and NPR HD.

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    Cab-Over Design and Benefits

    Isuzu is the world's leading producer of cab-over box trucks.

    The Isuzu NPR and NPR HD feature a cab-over design. The cab is situated directly over the front axle of the truck, allowing for an unparalleled turning radius and improved visibility for stopping. Visibility from the driver's seat extends to approximately 8 feet in front of the cab, as opposed to an average of 13 to 14 feet for conventional trucks.

    This design makes the Isuzu NPR ideal for driving on every type of road, and it proves particularly valuable in cities where the ability to see something and stop in seconds really counts.

    Other Benefits

    Here are some additional features of the Isuzu NPR HD box trucks for sale at Bergey's Truck Center:

    • Windshield wiper fluid and ejectors are mounted on the frame, lowering the risk of fluid freezing and clogging in winter.
    • Isuzu cabs tilt forward to allow complete access to the engine and transmission for fast and easy service, which translates to lower costs for maintenance.
    • The cab door swings open at an angle of nearly 90 degrees for quick entry and exit.
    • The cab features an optional suspension driver's seat.
    • The NPR HD features a full-tilt telescopic steering wheel.
    • The cab has built-in AM and FM radio as well as CD and Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth enables drivers to go hands-free for maximum safety on the road.
    • A self-cleaning step leads into the cab. The design allows mud and slush to fall through rather than building up.
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What Are the Engine Options?

The Isuzu NPR HD features a 6.0-liter V8 Engine. It is also available with the optional KL8-Alternative Fuel Capable Engine.

The engine power is 297 horsepower at 4,300 RPM and torque is 372 foot-pounds at 4,000 RPM.

What Are the Capacity Options?

The front axle capacity is 6,830 pounds while the rear-axle capacity is 11,020 pounds with a ratio of 4.300.

What Body Applications Can I Use?

The stock specs of the Isuzu NPR HD include a 60-foot dry van application. However, it can be fitted for a variety of applications, with options including hook lifts and dump, platform or stake bodies.

What Body Applications Can I Use?

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